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    Wisestrip - CIF Belgium/USA

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  • Краткое описание: Wisemini continuous desiccant is a desiccant product developed on the basis of Wisemini mini pack for special application of automatic dispensing in pharmaceutical industry.

  • Выпуск продукции в месяц: 10,000 barrels per Month
  • Срок поставки: normally 25 days
  • Упаковка товара: according to different specification we provide different type of package
  • Дата публикации: 09 Окт 2010
  • Опубликовано: Mr. Zhang Ru,   Wisepac_Active_Package_Components_Co_Ltd.htmlWisepac Active Package Components Co Ltd
  • Автора местоположение (согласно IP адреса): Китай.htmlКитай  - Shanghai, Shanghai
  • Фотография продукта: CIF Belgium/USA - Фотография продукта
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    Wisemini continuous desiccant is a desiccant product developed on the basis of Wisemini mini pack for special application of automatic dispensing in pharmaceutical industry.The product adopts coating free Dupont Tyvek as the desiccant packaging material, its extension property and strength makes it more suitable for automatic slitting: high transmission transverse sealing, easy for identification and slitting

    Wisemini continuous desiccant adopts highly transparent transverse seal, featuring excellent transmission, secure seal, therefore more suitable for automatic slitting.

    > Superior water content control
    Wisemini continuous desiccant is manufactured in constant temperature and constant humidity workshop conforming to international standards, which ensures the products to have extremely low water content and superior moisture absorption ability.

    > Seamless joint technology
    Wisemini continuous desiccant possesses seamless joint technology, compared with other transverse seals, the joint of the transverse seal displays no difference in exterior dimension and transmission, and will not affect the photoelectric detection during slitting, thus facilitating your automatic slitting.

    > Excellent dimension stability
    Tyvek 1059B is equipped with very high hardness and relatively low extension rate under pressure: Wisemini continuous desiccant production machine boasts outstanding dimension positioning system. This enables the Wisemini Strip to possess very high dimension stability, and safer and steadier automatic slitting.

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    Компания Страна Штат/Регион Фото компании Сток продуктов/текущие цены Краткое описание
    1 Wisepac Active Package Components Co Ltd
    Wisepac Active Package Components Co Ltd…
    Китай.htmlКитай Шанхай Wisepac Active Package Components Co Ltd… As an international leading manufacturer of desiccant, Wisepac is dedicated to providing high quality desiccant products and advanced moisture-proof application solutions for clients in electronics, medicine, food, biotechnology, hardware, machinery, automobile parts, container maritime transport and other industries. With the purpose of "creating live desiccant", Wisepac expects to create desiccant delivering happiness and love forever.
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    Packaging Bags
    Оther Packaging Materials
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    +86 021 6434 2326 8040

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    1 Mr. Zhang Ru Wisepac_Active_Package_Components_Co_Ltd.htmlWisepac Active Package Components Co Ltd marketing sepcialist +86 021 64342326 - Вход на Gcoupon - Китай.htmlКитай 20 Сен 2010
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    Shanghai, Shanghai

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    1 Китай Beijing Eastern Asia 9,572,900 кв. км 1,277,558,000 людей
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