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    Machine Tools - Rotating Machinery Skates Advantages  (Glass) - Price 4,500-4,500 US$ per Square Meter - CIF Indonesia/Morocco

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  • Краткое описание: Rotating moving dolly, also named rotating cargo trolley, rotating load skate, rotating roller skids and so on. Rotating moving dolly normally used on moving heavy loads in confined and narrow spaces.

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    Rotating load skate every wheels can be swivel 360 degree Maneuverability. Capacity from 2.0 tons to 20.0 tons one set.
    Rotating move load skates will not damage floors, and will not leave marks. Lower profile keeps loads close to the ground.
    Rotating moving roller skate is easy to change of direction, newly designed roller skates moves heavier loads safely and easily.
    rotating heavy duty dollies are designed with a built in carrying handle that provides pinch-free handling.
    Rotating heavy duty moving dollies feature a spindle design that is recessed within the caster body.  This provides additional clearance on uneven surfaces when moving heavy equipment and machinery.
    rotating machinery dollies are built with a thick top plate that will handle tons and tons of heavy equipment and machinery. 
    Regarding rotating machinery skates advantages, rotating moving dolly applications, rotating moving roller skates details with price list, please kindly feel free contact with us. Professionally service hope will get your satisfaction.
    Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD 
    Skype: faithjiang888
    Email: info@cargotrolley.com  
    Website: http://www.cargotrolley.com/

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    Компания Страна Штат/Регион Фото компании Сток продуктов/текущие цены Краткое описание
    1 Machine Tools
    Китай.htmlКитай Шаньдун We are the manufacturer of follow lifting tools: spring balancer, roller skids, hydraulic toe jack, fluid caster, permanent magnetic lifter and so on material handling tools.
    Our products, especially spring balancer, roller skids, toe jack, fluid caster,
    Местное название компании:
    Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD

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    Список продукции:
    Solar Toys
    Tool Parts
    Оther Machinery
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    1 Miss Yangalex Faith Jian Machine_Tools.htmlMachine Tools Export Manager +18954718093 - Вход на Gcoupon - Китай.htmlКитай 14 Окт 2020
    О Вас:
    Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co., LTD here!
    We are the manufacturer of follow lifting tools: spring balancer, roller skids, hydraulic toe jack, fluid caster, permanent magnetic lifter and so on material handling tools.

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    Punjab, Gulberg

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    Название страны Столица Регион Площадь страны Население
    1 Китай Beijing Eastern Asia 9,572,900 кв. км 1,277,558,000 людей
    2 Пакистан Islamabad Southern and Central Asia 796,095 кв. км 156,483,000 людей
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        1 1220x2440mm GB
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