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    Shoppingdesk - Amazon Pakistan

  • Краткое описание: Your desired online shopping such as Amazon products in Pakistan

  • Местное название компании: ShoppingDesk – Amazon Pakistan
  • Страна: Пакистан.htmlПакистан
  • Штат/Регион: Пенджаб
  • Город: Lahore
  • Почтовый код: 54000
  • Улица: 37A, 1St Floor Gohar Center, Near Muslim Town Mor Wahdat Road, Lahore
  • Телефон: +923073371155
  • Местоположение компании:
  • Сектор: Красота, косметика & здоровье
    Одежда, обувь & сумки
    Офис & школа продукция
    Товары для младенцев
    … … … Всего: 7 записей  …
  • Список продукции: Beauty Cases  (Beauty Products)
    Hair Care  (Health and Personal Care)
    Peat & Perlite  (Pets Food and Accessories)
    Waxing  (Personal Care Products)
  • Компании e-mail:
  • Вебсайт компании: https://shoppingdesk.pk
  • Год регистрации компании: 2008 Year
  • Число работников в компании: Less than 5 People
  • Тип бизнеса: Business Service Provider
  • Дата публикации: 16 Июл 2019
  • Опубликовал: Mr. Muhammad Irfan
  • Местоположение пользователя (по ip адресу): Пакистан.htmlПакистан  - Punjab, Lahore
  • Описание компании:

    Shoppingdesk.pk is an amazing online store in Pakistan which lets you purchase the Amazon products in Pakistan. As Amazon doesn't directly deliver most of its products in Pakistan, we make certain to let you do that buying. You can purchase all the products of USA top online stores like Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, and Ali-Express from our store. We have a large selection list like beauty products, health & personal care, jewelry, toys & games, electronic gadgets, clothes, watches, mobile accessories, cosmetics or anything from amazon easily buy the product of your choice.

    All of the goods you buy are 100% original and comes from those online stores you select. We understand that no wants to keep waiting for their delivery so, we make sure to deliver the product at your doorstep in minimum possible time. For any sort of queries regarding the products and order, you can call us at our helpline number 03073371155 in the provided hours. As well as, you can select cash on delivery choice. The payment options are secured and you will have no hassle in any of the processes.

  • Shoppingdesk - amazon pakistan - Работники

    Полное Имя Компания Должность Телефон E-mail адрес Страна Дата Регистрации на Gcoupon.com
    1 Mr. Muhammad Irfan Shoppingdesk_Amazon_Pakistan.htmlShoppingdesk - Amazon Pakistan Ceo +923073371155 - Вход на Gcoupon - Пакистан.htmlПакистан 16 Июл 2019
    О Вас:
    Now you can easily buy top USA brands products in Pakistan and we will deliver your product

    Publisher Location (according to IP address):

    Publisher City (according to IP address):
    Punjab, Lahore

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      • Shoppingdesk - amazon pakistan Страны

        Название страны Столица Регион Площадь страны Население
        1 Пакистан Islamabad Southern and Central Asia 796,095 кв. км 156,483,000 людей
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